Transactional Related Data table is a predefined Related Data Set for storing order (transactional) data under the contact profile. Saved data allows you to create advanced user segments and automations based on their purchase history.

As opposed to Wishlists and Abandoned Carts, System Transactions do not require a Product Catalog.


By default, all customers can use the Transactional Related Data table. 


Key-value of this table is orderId-userId. 


Column name





Provide email value - it is changed to Engage contact ID.

Mapp Connect only: If the contact is not in the system, they will be added.
orderIdYESID of this order string
storeIdNOFor multi-shop purposesstring
currencyNOThe default currency is set in Transactional RD, if not provided, the default is assigned.string
productSKUYESProduct identifier.string
productNameYESName of the productstring
productPriceYESProduct price without currency, spaces etc., just a raw number.number
productQuantityYESQuantity of this product in this order.number
returnedQuantityNODefault 0, for return calls product. Quantity=0 and return value with the number of returned items.number
imageURLNOLink (URL) to the product image.string
productURLNOLink (URL) to the product page.string
categoryNOCategory of this product.string
brandNOBrand of this product.string
variantNOUse this field if the product SKU does not provide a variant (such as colour or material) or size.string
discountValueNOValue (without currency) of discount per order(not per item).number
discountPercentageNOThe percentage value of discount per order (not per item) - value from 0 to 1.number
purchaseSourceNOSource (campaign name, Facebook, etc.) of this order.


custom_columnNOTo add a custom column, edit the table structure and add a new field.-

JSON example

    "productName":"Nike Shoes",    
    "productPrice": 132.99,      
    "productQuantity": 3, 
    "returnQuantity" : 0, 
    "productURL": "",
    "category": "Shoes",
    "brand": "Nike" ,
    "variant": "Green",
    "discountValue": 10, 
    "discountPercent": 0.05, 
    "purchaseSource": "online"

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