If you use both Mapp Acquire and Engage, you can immediately communicate with your Engage audience utilizing the data from your Acquire pixel.

For example, with the Contact Registration Event in Mapp Acquire the details of your registered website visitor are automatically added to Mapp Engage. Now, your marketing communication can be sent to them! 

This short video shows how the synchronization process works. 

All data collected with the Acquire Pixel can be used to trigger an event-based Whiteboard in Engage.


Your website must allow visitors to sign-up by entering their email address or mobile number.


Mapp Acquire integration with EngageThis page contains two short videos that demonstrate how an integration is established.

Create a Pixel

Create an on-site pixel to which the Engage Contact Registration event will be added.

Configure an Engage Contact Registration Event

This how-to walks you through the steps of setting up the event.

During this process, you can select tracking elements, such as the Element Click, using the Chrome Plugin. This allows you to select it visually, by browsing through your website and clicking on the required element.

We also show where the complete pixel should be inserted in your HTML page.

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