When tracking accelerated mobile pages, there are many predefined placeholders that you can use to add more information to track requests.

Use the ${varName} format in a requests string or use the default placeholders. The amp-analytics tag will replace the placeholder with the actual value.


PlaceholderData TypeDescriptionExample


StringAMP page URL

"extraUrlParams": {"pageParameter1":"${ampdocHost}"}


StringTitle of the current document

"extraUrlParams": {"pageParameter1":"${title}"}


StringLoading time of the page (ms)

"extraUrlParams": {"pageParameter1":"${pageLoadTime}"}


StringAMP page-URL

"extraUrlParams": {"pageParameter1":"AMPDOC_HOST"}

TITLEStringTitle of the current document

"extraUrlParams": {"pageParameter1":"TITLE"}

PAGE_LOAD_TIMEStringLoading time of the page (ms)

"extraUrlParams": {"pageParameter1":"PAGE_LOAD_TIME"}

RANDOMStringRandom number

"extraUrlParams": {"pageParameter1":"RANDOM"}

You can find an overview of all placeholders under the following links: