Mapp Intelligence supports the UTF-8 standard.

  • A request may not be larger than 7KB.
  • Input is case-sensitive.

Parameters can have the data type text or figure.

  • Text parameters support a maximum of 255 characters. If a parameter is configured to capture multiple values simultaneously, then each single value of the parameter can consist of up to 255 characters. Each of these scalar values is stored in the database as one parameter.
  • Figure parameters support a range of decimal(12,2). That means ten digits with two decimal places (range: -9999999999.99 to 9999999999.99).

If you are using the NoScript segment of the pixel:

  • all parameters in the "<noscript>" segment must be set according to UTF-8 and URL code standards. For example, the German "ΓΌ" as "%C3%BC". This will ensure the proper transmission of all special characters and applies to all websites regardless of coding (UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, etc.).

Certain characters are automatically filtered out during tracking:

  • 0x00-0x1f
  • '
  • "
  • <>\
  • 0xA0 => space
  • Several spaces become one.
  • Trailing and ending spaces are removed.