Email Strategy Blueprints are positioned for online marketers who want to take the next step in their email programs beyond "batch and blast." The blueprints are email strategy made simple. With a simple, fill-in-the-blank approach for email marketing strategies, Mapp enables online marketers to spend less time with the configuration and execution of their email programs. Now marketers can spend more time planning and analyzing their emails.

The Strategy Blueprints enable you to select from a library of proven email strategies to reach specific personas of your customer base effectively. You can quickly configure and launch email campaigns with minimum time and effort. The blueprints also make it easy to monitor campaign progress to determine their effectiveness with an integrated program performance tab. The blueprints are meant for B2C and B2B email marketers across all industries.

The Strategy Blueprints offer three active, configurable Programs and 11 Strategic Learning programs available by professional engagement.