To store the images in an email to the Mapp Engage Content Store automatically. For more information, see ​Content Store​.

Each time a recipient opens the email, the image is downloaded from the Content Store. Images remain available for six months after the last download and can be used for further messages. For more information, see Use a Content Store Element in an Email​.


  1. In the Main Navigation, click + Create​ > ​New Message.
    ⇒ Step 1. Type of the message creation wizard opens.
  2. Enter your message information, select Email in the Type area, and click Create.
    ⇒ Step 2. Content​ opens.
    By default, step 2. Content of the message creation wizard opens in HTML Codemode. Use this mode to enter or edit the HTML code of your message manually.
    To enter or edit the HTML code of your message in a graphical HTML editor, click HTML Editor.
  3. Enter HTML message content, including images that are not yet hosted in the content store.
  4. Expand the Advanced Options area.

  5. From the Image Handling drop-down list, select Images are hosted on the Mapp Engage server (Online-HTML)​ .
  6. Click Prepare Sendout.
    If the HTML email contains images that are not available on the Mapp Engage server, the ​Upload Missing Images window opens. Here you can upload or select the necessary images.
    For more information, see ​Upload Missing Images (window)​.

    To host the image on a server other than Mapp Engage, add ecm:process="false" to the image source tag.

    For example, <img src="http://YourPictureServer" ecm:process="false">

  7. Complete the message sendout process.
    ⇒ After the sendout, the pictures are stored in the content store. The name of the CSE is the name that is used in the message body.
    For example, the HTML tag <img src="Kitten"> generates a CSE with the name ​Kitten​.