Data is entered using three event parameter. First, you have to create three event parameters in Q3:

Do following steps:

  1. Log in to your Q3 account and go to Configuration > Custom Parameters.

  2. Open the "Event Parameter" tab. A list of all existing event parameters appears.

  3. Click [Create new custom parameter].

  4. Next, create 3 Parameters:

    1. Optimizly Variant

    2. Optimizly Campaigns

    3. Optimizly Audiences

      TitleEnter the title of your choice. E.g.

      "Optimizly Variant"

      DescriptionOptional. Enter a short description.
      PreconfiguredSelect from the dropdown menu:
      • Own configuration
      Parameter IDSelect from the dropdown menu the required ID, for example, "7".
      Data TypeSelect from the dropdown menu:
      • Text
      Amount parameter valueSelect from the dropdown menu:
      • Single value
  5. Click [Save].