On this page, we explain how you can create a new Web Push channel.

General Info


Administration > Channels > Websites

What can I do in this window?

  • Create channels
  • Edit channels
  • See the channels overview




    NameThe channel name
    Last modifiedThe latest date when the channel was updated
    ActionsChoose to view, edit or deactivate the channel


  1. Go to Administration > Channels > Websites.
  2. Click Create Website Channel
  3. Give the channel a name.


    Mandatory, unique channel name, used to identify the website channel within the system and is not visible to your contacts.

    DescriptionOptional, also not visible to your contacts.
  4. Enter the FCM Credentials: the FCM Json Key. The following video shows how to generate the Key in Firebase. For more information see Firebase Cloud Messaging.

    If you didn't provide a FCM Json Key, or if you provided an invalid one, you won't be able to activate the channel upon the last step (Summary). Instead, you will only be able to Save the channel or Close the creation process. In case of a valid FCM API Key, you will be able to first Activate the channel before saving it and closing the process.

    Click Next.

  5. A Summary page gives you an overview of all of the previous steps.

Further Information