Downloading & Installing

  1. Download Mapp Connect Add-On from Magento Marketplace.
    PHP Package
  2. To install, use:
composer require mappconnect/magento2-module


bin/magento setup:upgrade 


  1. To set up connection with Mapp Connect go to Stores > Configuration > Mapp Connect > Settings.
  2. Choose for which website or store or store view enable the connection from Store view Menu.

    Magento integration supports mapping of multiple sites.

    MagentoMapp EngageDetails
    Website AStore A1Store View A1AAdd-On ID 1
    • Each website of the Magento App is linked to a specific Add-On ID (either in a single or in multiple Engage instances).
    • Mapp Cloud Extension in Magento is installed globally. Configuration is applied for each Website
      including an API Authentication per Website (linked to a dedicated Add-On ID in Engage).

    Store View A1B

    Store A2Store View A2A
    Website BStore B1Store View B1AAdd-On ID 2

    Store View B1B
    Website CStore C1Store View SVAdd-On ID 3
  3. Setup General Configuration.

    Module EnableYES                 
    Mapp Connect API URL
  4. Integration Configuration.

    Integration EnableYES                 
    Integration IDgenerated in Mapp Connect Add-on (as above)
    Integration Secretgenerated in Mapp Connect Add-on (as above) 
  5. Synchronization configuration: turn on or off which data should be imported to Mapp Engage.
  6. Mapp Engage Group Configuration.

    By default with every new add-on created in Mapp Connect a connected 3 groups are created:
    • IntegrationID_Customers
    • IntegrationID_Guests
    • IntegrationID_Subscribe
    1. To change group pick one from the list and click Save Config button.
    2. To use default groups choose the option Use system value.

Further Information