This article shows how to set up a connection with you Google Storage account in Mapp Engage.


To configure your connection to Google Cloud Storage, you need to have the following items.

  1. Google Cloud Storage Service Account (not a User Account).

  2. Full permissions for the bucket.

  3. JSON file for your project. This is the credentials file provided by Google when creating the service account. Only JSON files are accepted.

  4. Google Project ID.

  5. Storage Bucket Name.

  6. System permission ID 160 (System Administration: Create and Edit Credential Records).

Only one credential record can be created per Google Cloud Storage Bucket.


  1. In Engage, go to Administration > Permissions > Credentials (tab) and click Create.

  2. Fill in the Name field, and optionally, description field.

  3. From the Type drop-down-list select Google Storage Account.

  4. Provide the required parameters.

5. You can now Save and test your connection!

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