Mapp Connect is a flexible asynchronous API. It allows you to send a message to contact and update Engage contact profile attributes or other Engage data types (such as Wishlist, Abandoned Cart, etc.) within one API call, using nested mappings.

Use Case

On your website, you have a form where contacts can select their interests and enter their name and email address. When they do, they will receive a thank you message with a link to a coupon in their online account. At the same time, their profile in Mapp Engage will be updated with their name and hobby. These data can then be used for personalization and segmentation.

The link to the coupon will not be stored in the contact profile in Mapp Engage. There is no need to store it because:

Call example

POST /integration/<INTEGRATION ID>/event?subtype=email

JSON payloadEmail subtype mapping
   "firstname": "Paul"


  • Use your own plugin or one of the pre-defined integrations.
  • Create the attributes that you want to update in Mapp Engage.
  • Create prepared messages for the channel you want to use (Email, SMS, Push) with the placeholder <%parameter.account_URL%>.


In this use case, we want to send an email message. If you want to use another channel (SMS or Push), you will need to create the relevant events in your app, and mapping in Mapp Engage.

  1. Create an email event in your third-party app 
  2. In Mapp Connect, open the Mapping tab.
  3. Click Edit next to the email subtype mapping, then click Edit Field Mapping.
  4. Click the plus sign to add new user attributes. In this example, we are adding:
    1. Source: interest, Target: Hobbies
    2. Source: accountURL, Target: accountURL
  5. Activate the flow in your third-party app.