To send a preview email to an email address.


You can send a preview message to any email address, including addresses that are not registered in Mapp Engage. The preview email is not personalized for the recipient. Mapp Engage uses the ​Contact Profile​ or ​Custom Values​ you define in the ​Personalisation​ area of the preview window to create the message.

The ​Message Preview​ window displays up to 130 characters of preheader text. However, the number of characters that an email client displays as preheader text can vary from 50–140 characters. Always test your preheader with different email clients. In Mapp Engage, it is possible to customize this text. For more information, see Customise the Email Preheader​.

You can initiate a Message Check from the ​Message Preview​ window that shows you how your message renders in over 30 popular email programs. Message Check is an extra service in Mapp Engage that must be enabled for your system.

If your message contains a coupon, the message preview displays coupon preview text. You define the coupon preview text when you create a coupon list. Actual coupons from the coupon list are never used in preview emails.

The preview email is not an actual sendout. Some message components are only generated and added during the actual sendout. As a result, the preview email has a few limitations.

  • System links do not display in the preview email. System links include the ​Read Message Online​, ​Forward​, and ​Unsubscribe​ links.

  • Mapp Engage does not add a tracking pixel to the preview. No statistics are available for the message and it does not appear in the outbox.

  • It is not possible to test event-based automation with preview emails. To test automation, create a real sendout.


Mapp Engage does not assign unique message ID numbers to preview messages. All preview emails have a message ID of -1.

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  1. To preview a message during the message creation process, click ​Preview​ in steps 2–4 of the message creation wizard.
    ⇒ The ​Message Preview​ window opens.
  2. To preview a message that is displayed in an overview, click ​View​ in the ​Actions​ menu of the message.
    ⇒ The ​Message Preview​ window opens.
  3. In the ​Recipient​ input field, enter an email address. You can send the message to any email address, including addresses that are not registered in Mapp Engage. The email is not personalized for the email recipient. Mapp Engage sends the message that you see in the preview window to the specified address.
  4. Click the ​Send​ button.
    ⇒ A preview email is sent to the email address in the ​Send to Address​ input field.