Users can be limited to specific questions by using the filter engine in Mapp Segment Manager. These can then be saved as segments.

This article shows, how to create a segment, that contains all users, who used a mobile phone or tablet.

  1. Click on Segment Manager > Create new segment

  2. Use the following setup:

  3. (optional) Click on "Apply" to check, how many users in the selected time period fit into the segment.

  4. Click on "Save segment".

Finished - now you can use this segment in Mapp Intelligence and Mapp Marketing Automation.

  • Use in Mapp Intelligence
    You can choose the segment in the filter engine and limit analyses, reports, and metrics quickly and easily.

    For using segments in Mapp Intelligence, select the auto scope in the filter engine and the respective segment.

  • Use in Mapp Marketing Automation
    You can choose the segment as target group and specifically set up campaigns for this segment.
  • Use in Mapp Engage
    You can use these segments in the Mapp Engage Segmentation Builder. Find more information the page Create segments in Intelligence and use them in Engage.