Mapp Engage is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that runs via a web interface. Your account manager provides you with the web address and all log in information for your system.

Every system has its own unique, custom web address. This web address is also used when you create a landing page. For more information, see ​Landing Pages​.

Secure Login to Mapp Engage​

After the initial authentication, you log in to Mapp Engage with your email address and password.

After five unsuccessful password entries within 24 hours, your system user account is locked for 20 minutes. If you would like more restrictive settings for your system, contact your customer representative.

When you change your password or set a new password for other system users, the new password must meet the requirements for passwords in Mapp Engage. For more information, see ​Passwords in Mapp Engage.

Multi-Factor Authentication​

When you log on to your Mapp Engage system, you must now enter a verification code. Please see our how-to here for more information.

To use the multi-factor authentication, download an authentication app from Google Play or the Apple store.

Recommended user-friendly apps include Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, and Authy.

This code refreshes after 30 seconds. You need to enter the current code in your app and log in before this code expires.

Forgotten Passwords​

If you forget your password, you can request a new password with the ​Forgot your password?​ link. Mapp Engage sends an email that contains a link to a page where you change the password. If you are unable to reset the password for your account, contact your account manager.

Secure Data Transmission​

The login page for Mapp Engage supports HTTPS and encrypted transmission of login data.

The SSL certificate for login is registered to Mapp. Other services, such as secure conversion tracking, require a special SSL certificate. For more information, see ​Secure Conversion Tracking​.