Conversion tracking​ is a measurement tool that reveals whether your email campaigns are increasing website traffic and sales. For more information, see ​Conversion Tracking​.

Online shop pages are normally encrypted (i.e. they are HTTPS rather than HTTP pages). In order to complete the conversion tracking process, a tracking pixel must be added to the order confirmation page on the online shop. If this tracking pixel is not encrypted (i.e. it is downloaded from an HTTP page, not an HTTPS page), the customer may receive a security warning such as "secure page contains non-secure elements." Warnings like this can cause the shopper to lose confidence in the security of the website.

This warning can be avoided if the secure HTTPS version of the tracking pixel is used on the confirmation page. The Conversion Tracking Pixel must be hosted on a distinct secure domain. The general secure HTTP access '<yourdomain>' cannot be used since it is a different domain than the shopsite's domain.

HTTPS pages require registration of a certificate. Please contact your customer service representative to undertake the necessary registration.