Shows, how many pixels can be displayed on the screen in total. These are so-called "CSS pixels", that were specifically introduced for web developers.

  • A rounding in steps of 10 is done.
  • "unknown" includes accesses, for which no screen resolution could be determined.
If you have adapted the scaling at your operation system's settings, this also has influence on the Screen Resolution shown as a result.


The chosen screen resolution is 3840x2160. If a scaling of 200% is chosen, the screen resolution is shown as 1920x1080.

Procedure for determining the screen resolution

  • For desktop devices:
    • The information about the screen resolution is submitted via the tracking pixel.
    • If the pixel can't read the screen resolution, the value "unknown" is submitted.
  • For mobile devices (mobile phones and tablets):
    • If the tracking pixel submits the screen resolution of the device, this value is used.
    • If the tracking pixel doesn't submit the screen resolution of the device:
      • Mapp maintains for Intelligence an internal database with known screen resolutions of mobile devices (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S8 -> screen resolution is 2,960 x 1,440 px). If the mobile device and its screen resolution is listed there, this value is used for the screen resolution.
      • If the mobile device and its screen resolution is not listed in the database:
        • In some cases the screen resolution can be determined based on the operating system (e.g. some old versions of iOS only run on devices with a specific resolution).
        • If the screen resolution still can't be determined by this procedure, the value "unknown" is depicted.