To review the results of a split sendout test.

Background Information​

A split sendout lets you compare the performance of multiple message versions. For example, you can compare different subject lines, graphics, or layouts. Mapp Engage tracks and analyses the success of each version. You can see how well each version performed in the Mapp Engage Statistics area.

The ​Split Message Center​ provides you with comprehensive and detailed information about each version as well as about the split sendout as a whole.

For more information, see Evaluating Split Message Statistics.


  1. In the ​Main Navigation​ menu, click ​Statistics​ > ​Group Messages​ > Email
    ⇒ The ​Group Message Statistics Overview​ window opens.
  2. Next to any of the split versions, click ​Split Statistics​ to view the split sendout statistics. (Split sendouts have the type ​Split​ in the ​Type​ column.)
    The ​Split Message Summary​​ tab displays important KPIs for the entire sendout. The statistics that you see here aggregate the data for all split versions and the final sendout.
    To take a closer look at opens and clicks in the time after sendout, click the ​​Time Distribution​​ link (next to ​Recipient Activity​).
    For more information, see Split Message Summary (tab)​.
  3. To compare the different versions in the split sendout, click the ​Split Analysis​  tab.
    The ​​Split Analysis​​ tab offers a visual overview of all messages in the split sendout, including the main sendout (if available).
    The bar graph visually compares the split versions. You can compare the versions by open rate, CTR, conversions, or unsubscribe rate.
    For more information, see Split Analysis (tab)​.