To resume sendout of a message that is paused due to an insufficient number of coupons after additional coupons are imported.


  • The Coupon Manager is a billable feature that must be activated for your system. To activate the coupon manager, contact your customer service representative.
  • The coupon list used for message sendout contains a sufficient number of coupons (see ​Import Coupons Into a Coupon List​).

Background Information​

Additional coupons can be added to a list even if the coupon list already contains coupons. Coupons are created in a shop or CRM system as a TXT or CSV file and uploaded to Engage (see ​Import Coupons Into a Coupon List​). Each coupon can only be sent one time to one recipient. If the placeholder for a coupon list is inserted multiple times in the same message, the same coupon code is displayed to the recipient in each location. If several different coupons need to be included in a message, the coupons must be inserted from multiple lists.

The system that creates the coupon regulates the valid use of the coupon during the purchase or order process.

Engage distributes the coupons to the message recipients (see ​Add Coupons to a Message​).

When all the coupons in a list are depleted, the settings in the​ Insufficient Number of Coupons area of the coupon list determines how Engage reacts:

  • If the ​Display Alternative Text option is selected, Engage automatically sends alternative text instead of the coupon code when no more coupons are available in the list (see ​Create a New Coupon List​).
  • If the ​Pause Sendout option is selected and there are fewer coupons than recipients, the job will be stopped and no one will receive an email. A paused sendout can be resumed once the necessary number of coupons is imported into the coupon list used for the sendout.


Before starting, be sure you have enough coupons. 

  1. In the ​Main Navigation​ , click ​Message > Outbox > Email.
  2. In the ​Status filter drop-down list, select Interrupted.
    ⇒ All interrupted message sendouts display.
  3. Next to the sendout you want to resume, click  > ​Resume.
    ⇒ The message sendout resumes. The progress status bar provides a visual representation of the current state of the process (see ​Processes Overview (window)​).