To change the destination of links in an email message after the email has already been sent out.


Link tracking is activated for the message in your Mapp Engage system.

Background Information​

In order for Mapp Engage to evaluate the number of clicks on each link in a message, every link automatically redirects briefly to a Mapp Engage system site. This site then redirects the recipient to the final link destination. For example, the start page of an online shop.

This process can also be used to change the destination of a link, even after sendout of the email. The Mapp Engage site through which the links are redirected simply redirects the recipient to the new destination. It is not possible to change the text that is displayed for the link after sendout.

The new link destination becomes effective immediately. Alternatively, it is possible to redirect all links to one single new destination at a pre-scheduled time. For more information, see ​Timed Link Redirection​.


  1. In the ​Main Navigation​ menu, click Message> Outbox .
    ⇒ The window ​Processed Messages Overview​ opens.
  2. Next to the message in which you would like to edit the links, clickEdit Links
    ⇒ The ​Edit Links​window opens.
  3. Next to the link to be edited, click the symbol.
    ⇒ The​Redirect Link​ window opens.
  4. In the input field​New URL​, enter the new destination of the link.

  5. Click ​Save​.

The destination of the link is changed. Recipients are redirected to the new URL. The address that is displayed in the email remains unchanged.