With the Product Advertised Plugin you can analyze which products have been viewed, added to the shopping cart or purchased after a campaign click.

Based on that you can, as an example, create a product-specific conversionrate.


The formular "Orders with Advertised Product Rate %" tells you that 53.88 % of the orders of visitors, that accessed the website via the newsletter, also included the product advertised in the newsletter.

How does it work?

On product view pages (pages on which the product status "view" is set in the Mapp Intelligence pixel) the referrer and the Mapp Intelligence pixel are checked. If the following criteria are met, a product view is considered to be advertised:

  • The referrer of the product page is not a page of your domain (i.e. an external access).
  • The access to this page is direct (it is assumed that the page was accessed for example, via a newsletter).
  • The parameter "campaignId=..." is defined in the Mapp Intelligence pixel.

    Please be aware that URL parameters are not identified as campaigns.

If one of these points is fulfilled, a session cookie is set in which the advertised product is stored.

Depending on the plugin configuration, this information can be transmitted directly to Mapp Intelligence during product viewing ("view"), selection ("add") or purchase ("conf") of a product.

Since the plugin itself does not know what kind of advertising it is, the value "1" for "advertised" is transmitted to Mapp Intelligence. The value is then stored in the form of an e-commerce parameter.

This document describes the technical integration and configuration of the plugin on your website.