A prepared message is a saved message that you have assigned to a group.

You can send one prepared message many times. No matter how many times you send it, the prepared message remains visible in the ​Prepared Message Overview​ window.

You can edit a prepared message at any time - even if it is use in a selection or automation.

With Mapp Engage, you can use one prepared message for multiple sendouts. This capability allows you to create automated, multi-step marketing programs with a ​Whiteboard ​or ​Automation​. Your automations can reference one or more prepared messages. After you set up the automation workflow, you can update the content of the prepared messages whenever you need to.

When you use prepared messages, the task of creating automated workflows and selections is separate from the task of creating message content. Different system users can complete the two activities.


Bob, the marketing manager, creates an empty prepared message that is called ​BirthdayEmail​. Bob sets up an automated birthday email template on a new whiteboard and adds the prepared message. Bob also creates a selection of contacts who click on the birthday email.

Anne is responsible for email content. Anne can locate the prepared message in the ​Prepared Message Overview​ window and update the content at any time. For example, Anne can easily change a coupon, update the graphics, or try a new subject line. There is no need to change or pause the automation. Sendout with the new content continues according to the schedule.

Prepared Message Sendout​

Prepared messages can be sent manually or automatically. You can also use a prepared message as a template for system messages.

You can send a prepared message either as a single message or as a group message. It is important to understand the differences. See Single vs. Group Sendouts of Prepared Messages​.

Sendout Method

Single Message

Group Message

Sendout in the ​Message area


You can manually send a group message in the ​Prepared Message Overview​ window with the action ​Copy & Send​.

Time-based automation

Send Prepared Message to Segment

Example: birthday emails

Sends the prepared message to all contacts in a selection. The contacts are selected from the system-wide database with a mandatory selection.

Send Prepared Message to Group​

Sends the prepared message to all contacts in the group on a defined schedule.

Event-based automation

Send Prepared Message to Contact (C)​

Example: transactional messages

Sends the prepared message to a contact after they complete a defined event.

Send Prepared Message to Group (S)​

Sends the prepared message to all contacts in the group after a defined event takes place.

System Messages

System messages are always single messages.

​Create Templates for System Messages​

Prepared Messages in Automations​

Mapp Engage offers two ways to create automations: ​Whiteboard​ and ​Automation​. For more information about the Whiteboard, see Whiteboard​. For more information about Automation, see Automation​
You can use an event-based or time-based job to send a prepared message. 
You can also create event-based automations that react to all sendouts of a prepared message.


You can create selections that are based on how recipients react to a prepared message. For example, opens, clicks, and conversions. The selection includes all sendouts of the prepared message (group and single sendouts). The selection includes both past and future sendouts of the prepared message.

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