Starting 09.01.2023, exporting and working with your Intelligence custom parameters will be easier than ever!

Key Benefits

Due to the newly simplified structure of custom parameters, finding the correct table for export and calculation will now be much easier.  

What's Changing?

Currently, custom parameters are stored and exported in tables of 10. With this update, the raw data export will contain one table for every type of custom parameter (page parameters, event parameters, etc.) and the number of parameters in this table won't be limited.

The parameters in these tables will be organized by Pixel ID, not internal id. This is the Parameter ID from the custom parameter creation. This is important if multiple accounts have the same parameters and Parameter IDs. Now the parameters in the export table of the accounts will be in the same order. Currently, with internal ids, the order might be different even if only one table is used.

The table names will also no longer contain an index.


For accounts already using Raw Data Export, the rollout will take place on 09.01.2023. Immediately after this is complete, Raw Data Exports will contain the updated table structure.The updated format has been available since December 15th for any account that hadn't created a Raw Data Export before that date.

If your account will activated separately, your Customer Success Manager will contact you.