Please note that Pixel Version 4 is outdated. We recommend an update to Mapp Tag Integration (Pixel v5) or Smart Pixel.

Mapp offers two different variants of the Pixel Version 4:


Pixel Version 4

allows pure on-page tracking
Pixel Version 4 with Tag Integration

combines on-page tracking integration with Tag Integration possibilities. Allows the integration of additional plugins.

The zip file includes:

  • Tracking Pixel (Javascript file)
  • English and German Documentation (PDF file)

VersionDescriptionConfiguration parameterDownload
4.6.1Replacement of the deprecated event 'unload' by 'pagehide'

4.6.0Requests are not sent when the user leaves the site (iOS 15+)

4.5.9Support temporary session ID for anonymous trackingtemporarySessionId, saveTemporarySessionId

Support tracking of shadow DOM elementslinkTrackShadowRoot

The CDB is deactivated by defaultexecCDB

Form requests are not tracked when the page is hidden
4.5.8Add tracking parameter (pf, cs801 and cs802) for pixel feature usage

4.5.7Limit number of retries to send requests in request queuerequestQueueRetries, requestQueueRetriesOption


Pixel does not use xwteid value for 3rd party cookies
4.5.5Create option for Mapp user matching

Add a property to configure request limitationrequestLimitActivated
Anonymous tracking not consistent with tab browsing and pre-rendering


Change wt_rla cookie duration to session
TabBrowsing uses the wrong timestamp
4.5.3User Identification Opt-In

enableAnonymousFunction, anonymousOptIn, anonymousCookieName
Support linebreaks in page name for request queue
4.5.2Exclude user identification parameterssuppressIdentificationParameter
User Identification Opt-OutenableIdentificationOptOut, optOutIdentificationName, setIdentifierOptOut, removeIdentifierOptOut
Automatically filled out form fields are tracked correctly
Heatmap and AB-Test functionality removed
4.5.1Filtering out URL fragments affects the automatically generated page namepageURLPattern, pageURLReplace---
4.5.0Support server-to-server communicationsendViaServerActivated, sendViaServerDomain, sendViaServerPath, sendViaServerDroppedRequests, sendViaServerBlacklist

Fixed focus and blur event problem on MacOS for form tracking
4.4.7Support pre-rendering in safari 12.2ignorePrerendering
Support CTRL & LMB, if using "delayLinkTrack"
Implement "Web to App" trackingsendViaSDK
4.4.6Write request queue instantly
Support comma in page name
Deactivate CDB for Safari (ITP 2.1)
4.4.5Integrate request queueing functionalityrequestQueueActivated, requestQueueTTL, requestQueueResendInterval, requestQueueSize
Send only tracking parameter that differ from the default value
Remove not supported tracking parameter
4.4.4Remove Webtrekk Real Time Bidding

4.4.3Random string appended after tracking endpoint ("wt")requestObfuscation
Random order of all tracking parameters (including "p")requestObfuscation
Page names contain hash-tag values
Ignore eid in url, if timestamp is greater than 15 minutes
4.4.2Possibility to filtering out URL fragments from page URLpageURLPattern, pageURLReplace
Extension of the Webtrekk App-SDKs (Android) to overwrite the ever ID
Updated default value for "execRTA" = false
4.4.1Security fix for overlay / heatmap

4.4.0Deactivate RTA and CDB, if the user has a 1st party optout or sampling cookie
Use existing ever ID from Webtrekk App-SDKs (iOS and Android)
Generate a new Ever ID, if it is invalid (wrong timestamp)validateEverId
Insert pixel version in cdb requests