The ​Personalization​ wizard is a pop-up panel that provides you with quick access to all available personalization placeholders and rules and allows you to insert them into a message. You can also access the Personalization Builder from the wizard.

Navigation Path

The Personalization Wizard can be accessed from the Compose step in the Email creation process:

  • Create New > Message > Email Message > Create > Personalization
  • Messages > Draft Messages > Email

What can I do in this window?

  • Search for personalization placeholders
  • Search for personalization rules
  • Insert personalizations into a message





Opens the ​Personalization Builder​, where it is possible to define new complex personalization rules (InsertIf/InsertElse​ statements).


Searches for existing personalizations. The quick search includes an auto-suggestion feature (see Search for Personalizations (Quick Search)​).

Opens a list of all existing personalizations (see Search for Personalizations (wizard)​). Personalizations can be deleted here.

Most frequently used

Displays the most frequently used personalizations. Before installation, your customer representative can define 5 personalizations that appear here. However, these initial 5 personalizations are overwritten as other personalizations are used more frequently.

Most recently used​

Displays the last five personalizations that are used in your system.

​Insert Mode​

Defines how the personalization is inserted in the message:

  • Right Mouse Click:​ The personalization is inserted with a right mouse click. This insertion method is recommended if you want to select paragraphs of the newsletter and position complex personalization (InsertIf) tags around it.

  • One Click:​ The personalization is inserted directly after it is selected. Before you click, select the position in the message where you want the personalization to appear.


The available actions for individual personalizations appear beneath the personalization.



This symbol selects the personalization for insertion. Depending on the Insert Mode, the personalization is either selected for insertion by right mouse click, or inserted immediately at the selected location. In right mouse click mode, the mouse pointer is marked with a red circle. When the mouse moves to a message field where personalizations can be inserted, the circle turns green, and the personalization can be added.


This symbol allows you to drag and drop a personalization into the message. It is not possible to apply a complex personalization to an entire section of a message with the drag & drop insertion method.

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