Window "Personalizations"​

Navigation Path​

Audience > Segmentation > Personalization

What can I do in this window?

  • Create personalization rules
  • Edit, copy and change the owner of the personalization rule
  • View and filter personalizations
  • Delete personalizations
 Overview Details




This button creates a new personalization (see ​Code View (wizard)​).

​Remove Filter​

This button removes the currently active filter on the personalization that are displayed.


This button activates a filter.

​Visible Rows​

The list field controls the number of personalizations that are displayed. You can select between 10, 20, 50 and 100 visible rows. The window is refreshed automatically.


If there are more personalizations than can be currently displayed, the icon allows the user to flick through pages forward/backward. The current page number is displayed between the arrows.

Selection of a single personalization​

A personalization can be selected for deletion by selecting the checkbox at the end of each row.


The button deletes the selected personalization.

 Actions on the overview page

The icon is the quick link for opening the ​Personalization Builder​.




Opens the personalization in the ​Personalization Builder​. Both the structure and conditions of the personalization can edited in the Personalization Builder​.


Creates a copy of the personalization and opens it in the ​Personalization Builder​, where it can be edited.


Opens the Transfer Ownership​ window, where a new owner of the personalization can be defined (see ​Transfer Ownership).

 Information on the overview page




The button opens the menu of actions for the individual personalization.


Displays the name of the personalization. personalization names are not unique.


Displays the description of the personalization, if available. The description is displayed in the overview and provides further information about the personalization.


Displays the owner of the personalization.


Displays the creation date and time of the personalization.

​Last Update

Displays the date and time when the personalization was last updated.

​Last Use​

Displays the date and time when the personalization was last inserted into a message. It is not necessary for the message to have been sent yet.


Further details pertaining to the selected personalization are displayed in the ​Details​ section.




Displays the name of the personalization. This is not unique.


Displays the personalization owner. Unless the owner has been changed, this is always the creator of the personalization.


Displays the type of personalization. This is always complex.


Displays the description of the personalization, if available. The description can help to differentiate between personalizations, since the name of a personalization isn't unique. It is recommended to enter a description of your personalization!

Contains Content​

Indicates whether the personalization contains fixed content that is inserted with the personalization (e.g. a greeting line may already contain "Dear...").


Indicates whether member attributes are used within the personalization. As a member attribute is not available for all groups, the personalization is also restricted to use with a group that contains the member attributes used within the personalization.

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