The ​Personalization Builder​ is a graphical interface where you can define and create personalization rules.

Personalizations that contain special attributes and functions can only be entered manually in text mode. However, most possible complex personalizations can be created with the ​personalization builder​.

Personalization rules can consist of only one InsertIf statement and its conditions or can be a combination of several statements (InsertIf/InsertElse rules).

In the ​Structure​ view, it is possible to create personalization rules consisting of several statements. The individual conditions that define each individual statement are created and edited in the context menu ​Edit​.

Navigation Path

Audience > Segmentation > Personalization > Create

Structuring personalization Rules​

Complex personalization rules can be structured in different ways:

  1. They can consist of only one InsertIf statement.
  2. They can contain content (or not).
  3. They can consist of several statements (InsertIf and InsertElse statements).

To create personalizations consisting of only one InsertIf statement (No. 1), it is not necessary to switch to the ​Structure​ view.

To add content or to create a personalization that uses multiple statements, switch to the ​Structure​ view.

For personalization examples, see the Basics page.

Personalization Builder




Defines the name of the personalization. personalization names are not unique.


Input field for entering a description of the personalization. As personalization names are not unique, it is highly recommended to enter a description so that the personalization is easier to identify.

Advanced Options​

Click to expand this field to allow the selection of a group.

  • Group:​ Displays all available groups in your Mapp Engage system. If you select a group, the member attributes that exist for that group are displayed in the condition builder. You can use the attributes that are displayed in your personalization rules. Member attributes only exist within a certain group. Messages that contain a member attribute-based personalization can only be sent to groups that contain the member attribute.


Opens a preview of the personalization. Use the preview to test and edit the personalization rules and conditions. You can save the edited personalizations and open them in the graphic interface.


Saves the personalization for further use. After saving you can choose whether to continue editing the personalization or use the personalization in a message.


Prepares the personalization for immediate use in the message. The personalization is not saved and cannot be used again.


Opens the graphical interface of the personalization builder. In the graphical interface, you can create InsertIf/InsertElse structures and define their conditions.


Opens the manual personalization builder, and exits the graphic interface. In manual mode, you can create and define code for personalizations. If the graphical interface does not recognize your manually entered code, you can return to the graphical interface. Some personalization functions are only available in the graphical interface.

Expands all structures and conditions to show all information

Collapses all structures and conditions to hide any information.

Navigation: Structure Mode and Edit Mode​

There are two basic view modes in the ​personalization Builder​:



​Structure Mode

Shows all statements that the personalization rule contains.

​Edit mode​

In this mode, it is possible to edit or add content to individual InsertIf and InsertElse statements.


Shows where you can add further InsertElse statements or content to the personalization.

​InsertIf Block​

This indicates that you are editing the conditions of an InsertIf block. To edit the condition, select ​Edit​ in the context menu of the InsertIf block.

​InsertElse Block​

This indicates that you are editing the conditions of an InsertElse block. To edit the condition, select ​Edit​ in the context menu of the InsertElse block.

  • After the ​personalization Builder opens, click ​New​.
  • The ​personalization Builder ​ opens in ​ Edit ​ mode and ​ InsertIf Block ​ is highlighted in orange.
  • Use the navigation to change to ​Structure ​ view.
  • To return to ​Edit ​ mode, select ​ Edit ​ in the drop-down context menu.

Interface for the Creation of personalizations

The navigation adapts the interface of the personalization builder, depending on whether you create the structure of a personalization or define the InsertIf/InsertElse block.

​Editing InsertIf/InsertElse Conditions (wizard area)​
Create a personalization Structure (wizard)​