Shows how many seconds passed on average until the next page was accessed.

CalculationDuration (Seconds) / Page Impressions                                                                

Often this figure is used to evaluate marketing campaigns or entry pages. For the last page in a visit (exit page) the Page Duration cannot be determined. 30 seconds are used as a default value for the exit page. In case you want this value to be adapted, please contact Mapp Consulting.
If a link is clicked on the exit page, the time until the click of the link is also considered. Event-Requests generated by Mapp Intelligence Plugins (e.g. the content engagement Plugin) are also taken into account.


The Page Duration for the page "Product view" is 1:30 mins, because after one minute, the link "Add to Cart" was clicked and afterward within the visit no page was viewed (standard duration avg = 30 sec).

On the page "cart", the page duration is 30 seconds, because on this exit page no link was clicked.

Overview on Durations in Mapp Intelligence

A user views 4 pages:

  • Days Analysis (Visitors > Traffic)
    For the corresponding day, the following data is shown:

  • Pages Analysis (Navigation > Pages > Pages)
    The pages analysis yields the following results:

    Duration (Seconds) = Sum of all durations on a page
    Page Duration Avg = Duration (Seconds) / Page Impressions
    Visit Duration Avg = Duration (Seconds) / Visits

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Further Information

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