In Mapp Intelligence, it is possible to send a variety of additional pre-defined or custom parameters. You can expand the track request using the extraUrlParams key.

The following parameters and categories are possible:

  • pageParameter
  • contentGroup
  • actionParameter
  • sessionParameter
  • ecommerceParameter
  • urmCategory
  • campaignParameter
  • mediaCategory

You can freely select the order of the optional parameters. Parameters that are not filled can be left empty or removed.

cpPage parameter [cp2, cp3...]


Number of search results
cp772Error messages
cp773Paywall calls
cp774Article title
cp775Content tags
cp776Page title
cp777Page type
cp778Page length
cp779Days since publication
cgContent group [cg2, cg3...]
ckEvent parameter [ck2, ck3...]
csSession parameter [cs2, cs3...]
cs800Login status
cbE-Commerce parameter [cb2, cb3...]
ucCustomer/URM categories  [uc2, uc3...]
uc701E-mail receiver ID
uc702E-mail opt-in [1 = yes, 2 = no]
uc706Gender [1 = male, 2 = female]
uc707Birthday [YYYYMMDD]

Campaign parameter [cc2, cc3...]

mgMedia category

Video - Title

mg891Video - URL
mg892Video - Thumbnail
isSearch term of the internal search function

Campaign ID consisting of media code parameter and value (for example, "wt_mc=newsletter")

mcaCampaign event [c = click, v = view]
cdCustomer ID


<amp-analytics type="mapp_intelligence"> 
	<script type="application/json">
			"vars": {
				"trackDomain": "",
				"trackId": "111111111111111" 
			"triggers": { 
				"trackPageview": {
					"on": "visible", 
					"request": "pageview", 
					"extraUrlParams": {
						"pageParameter2": "value for page parameter 2",
						"contentGroup7": "value for content group 7", 
						"sessionParameter5": "value for session parameter 5",
						"ecommerceParameter12": "value for ecommerce parameter 12",
						"urmCategory1": "value for urm category 1", 
						"campaignParameter3": "value for campaign parameter 3"
				"trackMediaPlay": {
					"on": "video-play", 
					"request": "mediaPlay", 
					"selector": "#video", 
					"extraUrlParams": {
						"actionParameter4": "value for action parameter 4",
						"mediaCategory1": "value for media category 1"