You have to integrate an opt-out option for Mapp Intelligence tracking on your website.

We recommend a double approach for the opt-out with client and server cookies. The client cookie is set by a function call with onclick. The server cookie is obtained by redirecting the track domain. So you are virtually doubly protected.

<script type="text/javascript">
	window.wts = window.wts || [];
	if (typeof window.wts.get === 'function') {
		wts.get('setCookie')('webtrekkOptOut', 1, 10*12*30*24*60);
<a id="optout"
   title="OptOut click" 
   href=https://[TrackDomain]/[TrackId]/optout.php?redirect=[encoded URL of data privacy page]
>Click here to opt-out from tracking</a>

Note, that you have to replace the following elements in the link:

  • TrackDomain
  • TrackId
  • encoded URL of data privacy page