What is group member moderation?​

With moderation of group members, a group moderator personally approves of every applicant to the group. No group member can join the group without the moderator's explicit approval. Group moderation is managed on a group-specific basis and is set up in the group settings. Membership moderation is controlled under the Notifications (tab)​
​For setup instructions, please see Moderate Group Membership​ .

How it Works​

When group membership is moderated by the owner or manager, each subscriber must be approved before joining the group.

Depending on the group settings, the moderator can be the owner or manager of the group. The moderator holds permission ​502 member_admit_reject​.

The member moderation process is as follows:

  1. A member enters a subscription request to the group via a normal subscription form or process.
    In Mapp Engage, the member now appears in the group with the group role "guest" and the status "to be approved".
    The member is not yet a member of the group and will at this point not receive any sendouts to the group.
  2. The moderator receives an email message indicating that someone has requested to subscribe to the group.
    This message includes the information provided by the pending subscriber in the subscription form.
    This email is sent to all group members with permission number ​502: member_admit_reject​.
  3. The moderator can confirm or refuse the membership request by clicking on the respective link in the email message.
    It is also possible to approve prospective members in the Mapp Engage interface under Recipients​ > ​Administration​ > ​Recipients of Group (Name)​.
  4. The pending subscriber is informed whether or not he or she has been added to the group.