The message delivery process in Mapp Engage is divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1: Message Processing
  • Phase 2: Message Transport

Both phases always take place during group message sendout, regardless of whether the message processing is terminated or not.

If message processing is not scheduled at an earlier date, message processing, and message transport are carried out in parallel during message sendout or on the scheduled sendout date. The messages are processed and subsequently transported to the recipient Mail Transfer Agent (MTA). When processing does not begin until the message sendout or on the scheduled sendout date, the sendout process takes longer overall.

Processing a message in advance enables accelerated message transport and timely message delivery.

Phase 1: Message Processing​

The message processing phase generates individual messages adapted to respective (potential) recipients from a message stored in Mapp Engage. The phase is complete when all messages to be sent to the Mapp Engage MTA have been delivered.

.During message processing, the following processes are carried out:

  • Selections assigned to the message sendout are applied. This ensures that the message sendout is limited to specific recipients. For more information, see ​.Message Processing vs. Message Transport v1.0​.
  • Personalizations created during message composition are applied. This ensures that each recipient receives a message with personalized content. For more information, see ​Personalisation​.
  • Messages that cannot be sent for various reasons are skipped. For more information, see ​Skipped Messages (tab)​.

Once message processing has begun, statistics are available for the message. In the message processing phase, the statistics already show the number of messages that will be sent by the Mapp Engage MTA and therefore also the number of potential recipients at this point in time. Skipped messages are already displayed in the statistics as well.

Phase 2: Message Transport​

The message transport phase transmits the messages from the Mapp Engage MTA to the recipient MTA.

The message transport phase starts at a defined time. At this point in time, the message processing phase can already be complete or still in process.

The message transport phase can last up to 48 hours because Mapp Engage makes repeated attempts to send messages that are rejected initially. The message only finishes this stage once all messages have been sent or rejected.

During message transport, the following processes are carried out:

  • The Mapp Engage MTA transmits the message to the recipient MTA.
  • Messages with valid addresses are delivered to the recipient's inbox or to the recipient's spam folder.
  • Messages with invalid domains are skipped.
  • Messages for which a connection, for unknown reasons, could not be established to the email provider are skipped.