The message moderation process applies when an author lacks permission to send messages. The author does not begin the message sendout directly. Instead, the author sends a review request to an approvers list. Each user on the approvers list is authorized to review the request. The approver who reacts first can approve or reject the message. Based on the decision of the approver, Mapp Engage starts the sendout or changes the status of the message to rejected.

You set up message moderation individually per group.

Tab.: Moderation Process


Approvers List

Mapp Engage

5 a) Assigns the ​Rejected​ status and informs the author.

1. Creates message.

2. Requests approval.

3. Reads message.

4. Gives Feedback.

5 b) Begins sendout.


  1. The author creates the message and configures the sendout. The sendout consists of a split sendout configuration and message scheduling.

  2. The last step in the message creation process prompts the author to request approval rather than begin sendout.
  3. Mapp Engage sends a notification to the approver's list. The notification is sent via email or SMS.
    Notification emails contain an attachment of the message that must be approved.
    If an SMS moderation request is sent, the approver must log in to view the message.
    The moderated message is available in the ​Message​ | ​Outbox​ until it is approved or rejected.

    If the checkbox "four-eyes principle required" is active for the group receiving a message, someone other than the author must approve the message. This function cannot be used if only the author is on the approvers list. 

  4. The approver gives the author feedback. The first approver on the list who reacts to the notification decides whether to approve or reject the message.

  5. Based on the decision of the moderator, Mapp Engage can process the message in two ways:

    • If the moderator rejects the message, it sets the status of the message to rejected and sends the author a rejection notification.

    • If the moderator approves the message, it automatically sends the message to the group. The sendout schedule defines when the message is sent.

Enable Message Moderation​

A moderation process for emails requires different configurations:

  • ​Roles:​ You assign roles that distinguish between authors and moderators:

    • Authors are not given permission ​to message: Send Email Messages 601​. Lack of this permission makes it impossible for an author to send an email.

    • Approvers are granted all necessary permissions to access and send emails.

  • ​Approvers list:​ You create a list of users who are allowed to review the message and who have the right to send emails.

  • ​Group configuration:​ You create group settings that assign a list of approvers to the group. Mapp Engage contacts the approvers list whenever an author cannot send emails.


Manage your authors and approvers outside of the group. If your authors and approvers are group members, the setup of the moderation process is complicated and hard to track.

System Messages for Moderation​

Mapp Engage uses the following system messages the moderation process:

  • ​SysMsgMessageModerate​ informs the approvers on a list that an email message must be reviewed.

  • ​SysMsgMessageRejected​ informs the author that an approver rejected the message.