We’re optimizing your workflow with new options in Report View! Renamed metrics and dimensions also mean it’s even more convenient to interpret the data you’ve collected.

Key Benefits

  • You’ll now find the option to edit a report on every report element.

  • You can jump from any analysis within a report to the analysis view by clicking on "Open analysis". Set filters and the selected time range will be taken into account.

  • We rename certain metrics and a dimension/analysis to improve the understanding:

    Old NameNew NameTypeLanguage
    Visits Campaigns %Visits (Mediacode Entry) %MetricEnglish
    Visits PaidVisits (Mediacode Entry)MetricEnglish
    Origin Type*Entry Source TypeDimensionEnglish
    Visits Kampagnen %Visits (Mediacode-Einstieg) %MetricGerman
    Visits KampagnenVisits (Mediacode-Einstieg)MetricGerman

    *The analysis will also be renamed (Marketing > Traffic Origin > Entry Source Type)

    The renamed metrics will not be updated in reports and under "My Analyses" to avoid confusion. If you want to use the new name you can change it manually.


This feature is part of our Summer 2021 product update and is available for Mapp Intelligence users as of September 7th, 2021.