There's a new iOS Software Development Kit available in Mapp Intelligence! It's easy to implement, requires less resources, and ensures better data quality for your analyses! 

Key Benefits

As compared to version 4, version 5 is built in Objective C, stores requests in database, keeps detailed logs and debugging information, and much more!


  1. Install the iOS SDK v5 Library

  2. Initialize Tracking

  3. Complete your Global Configurations (don't forget to check Advanced Configurations)

  4. Implement all necessary tracking for screens and actions (each screen needs to be tracked individually)

  5. Publish your app in the app store


This feature is part of our Spring 2021 product update. It's available by default to all Mapp Intelligence users as of 11 May 2021. This is subject to these Technical Requirements, please contact your Account Manager if you have questions.