With this update, we introduce a new level of notifications to reports and analyses: Info notifications.

 Mapp Intelligence is now able to differentiate between Warning and Info:


  • This is an important notification
  • It means there is an impact on the calculated data or shown elements
  • Warnings also appear in PDF exports.


  • Missing elements: used metrics or dimensions are not available.
  • Sampling applied: no raw data for the  choosen time frame.
  • Filter not working: elements used in the filter are not available.


  • Less important information because there is no impact on the calculated data.
  • They are NOT shown in exports.


  • No sorting criteria has been defined.

Impact on existing reports

Since we've introduce the new multi-sorting feature, some reports have been showing warning messages because of missing sorting criteria. With this update, the warning changed to an info notification.


This feature has been released on June 23th.