Product tracking at its best:  You can now measure product interactions as an event, for example "add to basket". Single page applications and other dynamic websites that allow user interactions without reloading the page will benefit greatly from this approach.

Key Benefits

  • Second page request not needed: The info about a product or an order that is transmitted via an event request is linked automatically to the page where the event occurred. 
  • Diverse approach possible: Easily combine page and action requests. Example: Send the "product view" with a page request and "add to basket" via event requests.
  • Soon to come: Raw Data Export tables will be updated accordingly to reflect the diverse approach. The tables will contain a click_request_id or a page_request_id which makes it easy for you to choose either the click or content.


For now, the column request_id in getFull_basket, getFull_orders, getFull_campaigns and getFull_CustomerJourney will contain either the page-request-id OR the request-id of the action request – based on how the product status was sent.


The event request feature itself is available to all Mapp Intelligence customers. Companies that use Pixel Version 4/5 and want to transmit the product status via an event request or unintentionally are already doing so, must adjust their implementation. To allow for preparation time, the event request feature will be activated on 25 August 2020. Review your product tracking and make the necessary changes according to your needs. If you are in doubt or need more info on event request tracking, do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager.

Important: Next Steps

Mapp offers tracking pixels in different versions. The impact of the new product tracking approach on your setup depends on the version you have implemented and your tracking concept.

For customers with Pixel Version 4/5

Customers who unintentionally apply event tracking to the standard tracking approach:
We recommend you to review and adjust your tracking setup. If you do send the product status via an event request at the moment, the info is captured but not processed. When the event request option is activated in your account, you might experience double counting. Check and apply the necessary steps to prevent incorrect data collection.

Customers who have the standard tracking implemented but want to use the event tracking feature:
Revise your tracking setup and adjust it accordingly. For example, you could track "product views" via page requests and "add to baskets" and "purchases" via event requests, incl. all order-related information such as the product name or price. In Intelligence, you could use the following combinations in analyses (pivot tables):

  • Pages and "viewed products" (products sent via event or page request)
  • Events and "purchased products" (product order via event request)
  • Pages and "purchased products" (product order via event request)

Customers who are satisfied with their tracking approach as it is:
Smile, sit back and relax.

For customers with Smart Pixel

An updated version of the Smart Pixel is soon to come. The latest version will automatically identify if one of the product status viewaddconf, and list is transmitted via page or action request. You do not have to do anything to enjoy the diverse tracking approach.