With ​Sender Profiles​, you can now set the level of transmission security at the message level. 

Key Benefits

  • Sender Profiles​ give you flexibility in determining the level of security versus deliverability in your messages.
  • Some clients do not have a legal obligation to send messages with encryption. Others, such as financial organizations, are required to use encrpytion which may limit the deliverability of messages.

  • With Sender Profiles, you can now create custom profiles with levels of transmission security for TLS, certificates, and ciphers. Apply these profiles in the message creation wizard to apply the right level of security and deliverability for the corresponding message.

How can I create Sender Profiles?​


In the Main Navigation, click  System Settings.

The System Settings window opens to the Settings tab.


Click the Sender Profiles​ tab.

The Sender Profiles tab opens to view and create Sender Profiles.

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