Mapp is migrating all clients to the new Segmentation Builder in Engage. The change comes with additional platform upgrades: new features, improved speed & performance. 

Key Benefits

  • New Segmentation Builder: A simplified way of building criteria, more data options and increased selection performance.

  • Data Store: Gateway to additional new features, to making the most of your data, and to future innovation.
  • Unified Data: All your data consolidated into a single source for faster and more flexible queries across more types of data.
  • Related Data: Any data stored separately from contact attributes is available in additional sections of Engage, boosting the effectiveness of behaviour-based group targeting.

New Features in the Segmentation Builder

Redesigned Email Activity Option

The redesigned Email Activity option allows you to find people who have opened specific messages within a defined time frame.
This update comes with a slight UI change.

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Empty Values Accounting

You can now include or exclude contacts with empty attribute values from your counts. 

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Additional operators for string attributes

Segmentation Builder now offers more operators to improve your search efficiency.

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Optimized use of Related Data

With a new step in Segmentation Builder - Related Data Condition - you can visually create simple queries to related data sets.

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Migration Process

If you were previously using Selections, we have already reached out to help you migrate to the new Segmentation Builder.
Here is a summary of the migration steps we will support you with.

Step 1: Turn on new Data Store

Our Engineering Team turns on the new features for your Mapp Cloud instance. The switch will be seamless for you and the platform will be available at all times. 

Step 2: Test shifted Selections

Our CSM team tests the Selections that have been shifted in consultation with you.

Step 3: New storage for Related Data

We switch over to the new storage repository for Related Data, so the Selections can now be modified to pull data from a different source.

Step 4: Move Selections to Segmentation Builder

You recreate your Selections in Segmentation Builder. Our CSM team supports you with the migration as needed and helps you optimize your Selections.

Step 5: Optimize API calls

If you are a Mapp Connect API user, we offer additional checks where API calls are used to write Related Data. This way we ensure that your processes are tuned to handle the faster responses from the new platform.

Step 6: Ready!

We disable the old user interface and your platform upgrade is complete.

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