Mapp is committed to the continuous improvement and development of our product. We listen to customer feedback and strive to be on top of the latest industry standards. This is why our navigation menu for Mapp Engage is being reimagined. Engage is a robust tool and we want to make sure that it offers the best possible user experience by providing intuitive navigation!

Key Benefits

  • The new interface is easier to navigate, getting you where you need to go faster:
    • the menu is located at the top of the window
    • menu items are regrouped to be more intuitive
    • some menu and sub-menu elements are renamed
  • A new automatic logout reminder with an option to deactivate timeout
  • Gives you more space on your screen for a comfortable view of your projects
  • Allows you to work more comfortably on smaller screens, with a smaller window, and even side-by-side with another application on a large screen
  • Updates are based on customer feedback and latest industry standards

We will introduce more improvements gradually, so stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming months.

What's new?

Details about the updated navigation are available in New Navigation Menu.


This feature is part of our Summer 2021 product update. It is available to all Engage clients as of September 7th, 2021.