Mapp Cloud is offering a direct connection between Mapp Engage and Mapp Intelligence. You can now use segments from Mapp Intelligence – Customer Intelligence (CI) Segments – to enhance your segments in Segmentation Builder in Engage. Mapp Intelligence offers a sophisticated engine to collect and analyze user behaviour. Combined with a powerful multi-channel activation system in Engage, this new solution offers unprecedented precision for activating your campaigns and boosting user engagement.

Key Benefits

  • Create smart segments in Engage using Customer Insights from Mapp Intelligence
  • Feed fresh data insights daily into your campaigns
  • Identify easily which of your segments in Segmentation Builder have been created in Mapp Intelligence

How does it work?

  • Create Segments in Mapp Intelligence
  • Use CI Segments in Mapp Engage
  • Enjoy the benefits of deep data insights in your campaigns


This feature is part of the 2020 Spring Update and available to customers who have purchased both Mapp Engage and Mapp Intelligence. If you are interested in purchasing Mapp Intelligence, please contact your Account Manager.