Starting 28 July 2021, you can enjoy enhanced content blocks in Mapp Engage. Update block elements in an email, and have this block updated in all templates and emails that use it.

Key Benefits

Currently, when you update block code, you need to drag the block into the template for the code changes to take effect. Any content, text, or image, has to be added again to the block as well.
With this update, you can decide whether you want Engage to save the changes globally to all instances of the block, or not. Simply use the toggle switch if you want to:

  • have all new and existing templates and messages that use the edited block updated automatically, and
  • significantly reduce manual effort.


This update will be rolled out to all Mapp Engage accounts on July 28th 2021.

How does it work?

  1. Edit the block.

  2. Use the toggle switch if you want to update the blocks in all templates and save. By default, this toggle switch is off.
  3. Done - all instances of this block are updated

    Please note, this does not work for blocks in scheduled or prepared messages. Changes only affect the blocks in our Content Management System.

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