Mapp now offers more flexibility to send encrypted emails by configuring Sender Profiles in Mapp Engage. Define the transmission mode and protocols for your email communication and remain compliant with best practices and legal. 

Key Benefits 

  • Choose the level of security for your campaigns in a flexible manner
  • Create your mailing in any of the different ways you can within Mapp Engage
  • Set up Sender Profiles and apply them in any type of Sendout
  • Monitor deliverability thanks to a new bounce category
  • Remain compliant with email communication best practices and legal

How does it work? 

Define the transmission mode and configuration for your email communication. 

  1. Go to “Administration > System Settings”. There is a new tab called Sender Profiles
  2. Three sender profiles are set up by default.
  3. Use the Create button to create a new sender profile. 
    You can flexibly define: 
    • Sender Profile Name
    • TLS Protocol
    • TLS min and max versions
    • Certificates & Ciphers

When setting up a message, you can then specify the sender profile.

You can only delete or modify custom sender profiles. 

Important Notes and Recommendations 

  • There is a new system permission sender_profiles_edit (System Permission ID 2320). Mapp recommends that it is allocated only to your Administrator role. 
  • We need to check your Sendout practices for compliance with the use of Sender Profiles. Please contact your Account Manager.
  • As changing the properties of an existing sender profile can impact on your Sendout, please contact your Account Manager before editing any sender profile.


This feature is part of the 2020 Spring Update and available to all Engage customers as of April 7th. Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested.