The new countdown timer block is now available in Mapp Engage to make your marketing communication more exciting! Use it for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails, and more!

Key Benefits

  • Easy to set up and customize
  • Used the same way as any content block, also with conditional sendout
  • Gives your marketing campaigns an extra spark!

How does it work?

  1. Create a new block using the provided HTML code

  2. Customize the block as needed

  3. Use it in your email communication


The countdown timer block can be implemented on all Mapp Engage systems that use CMS.

Looking to do more with your countdown timers?

The Mapp eCommerce+ solution offers additional capabilities and customization to help you beat the clock for your next campaign, such as:

  • Daily countdowns to delivery thresholds like next day delivery and automatic resets
  • Flexibility of different timings for different days of the week, e.g. excluding Bank Holidays
  • Display alternative text before, during, and/or after the countdown expires

eCommerce+ also offers a large set of capabilities to help you personalize the CX, including Product Recommendations, Dynamic Banners & overlays, Coupons and much more!

Our Professional Services team can support you with all sorts of customization for your messaging and campaigns.