Mapp Engage now supports token-based authentication for your iOS mobile channels.

You can now use a p8 file with your token for communication with the Apple Push Notification service. The previous method, using p12 certificates, remains unchanged.

Key Benefits

  • Stateless (token-based) authentication is considered a best practice in the industry, and it is faster than when using certificates.
  • Updating from p12 to p8 is made easy in the Engage UI - you don't have to create the channels from scratch, but simply edit the Configure step of the existing channel.
  • You can use the same token for multiple apps.
  • The Key ID and Team ID is automatically generated in Mapp Engage.

How does it work?

  1. First, obtain your token from Apple. To see how, visit these Apple Developer pages:

  2. When creating the channel in Mapp Engage, select the p8 option and then upload your p8 file.

  3. The Key ID and Team ID will be generated automatically. Hit Next and proceed with channel creation.


This feature is part of our fall update 2022 which went live on November 8th.