Mapp Engage now allows you to run an A/B test on your Whiteboards. Your can split your audience between different message versions and see which automation workflow drives more conversions. The Split Sendout is available for scheduled and recurring Whiteboards only.

Key Benefits

  • Test the performance of your email messages with a new Whiteboard Job: Split Email Sendout.
  • Gather data that lets you improve conversion rates.
  • Cover more complex marketing scenarios within the Whiteboard.


A/B testing is available for all Mapp Cloud customers. If you need any guidance, reach out to your Customer Success or Account Manager.

How does it work?

  1. Create a scheduled or recurring Whiteboard as usual.

  2. Add Job Split Email Sendout to your Whiteboard.

3. Specify the details of your Split Sendout:

- Sendout time,
- Details of the Split messages,
- Parameters for the main message.