Mapp Empower provides you with tools to help you design and execute email campaigns efficiently and effectively.

  • Message creation and management, including A/B messaging.

  • Subscriber management, including segmentation.

  • Detailed reports and statistics.

  • Account and task monitoring and reporting.

There are two primary methods for storing data in your system.

  • Fields allow you to store unique values for each subscriber in your system. For example:"First Name', 'Birthday", "Nickname", "Age", "Mileage Rewards Number" and so on. Your system is pre-built with several "standard fields" and you can create as many "custom fields" as you need.
    There are four types of custom fields:

    • Custom text fields

    • Custom number fields

    • Custom date fields

    • Custom zip fields

    Use the correct field type to store specific data for more control over your ability to search and query that data.

  • Segments are used to categorize your subscribers with the following categories:

    • A shared interest

    • Quality

    • Behavior

    • Attribute

    Unlike fields, which hold unique values for each subscriber (For example: "first name"), segments are like buckets or lists in which many subscribers can be stored at any give time. For example, "Weekly Newsletter Subscribers", "Deal of the Day Subscribers".

Account Basics​

To access this page, navigate to Administration > Account > Edit Account. If you have not yet filled out this form in total, complete this form first. Follow the guidelines that are listed on this page.

The contact information that you provide is available to your subscribers when they click the source information link. This link is required in the email footer of each outgoing message.

This contact information is required to maintain compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. For more information on the act, see the full text at or speak with your account manager. Failure to include such information, such as a physical mailing address, can result in noncompliance and possible federal fines.