With our new Plugin, it is now easier than ever to integrate Mapp Intelligence and Mapp Acquire tracking into your Shopify Shop! 

Key Benefits

  • Now all the most important information for understanding the performance of your store is automatically tracked in Mapp Intelligence. 
  • Use Shopify's GDPR settings to easily provide privacy to your customers 

How it Works

  1. In the Admin panel of your Shopify store, click on Apps > Mapp Cloud Integration. Here you can configure your integration. You will need your Mapp Intelligence Tag Integration ID. You can also use your Mapp Acquire Tracking Script, but this does not presently work as a standalone solution. 
  2. In Mapp Intelligence, create your parameter and map it to the Shopify Mapp Intelligence Plugin.
  3. Begin Analyzing! 


This feature is part of our Summer 2021 product update and is available for Mapp Intelligence and Mapp Acquire users as of September 7th, 2021. Mapp Acquire does not work as a standalone product, but you can use your tracking script in the configuration. 

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