The Mapp Cloud plugin for Shopify is now also integrated with Mapp Engage. Connect Mapp Engage with Shopify and get real-time information regarding products, users, and orders.

Key Benefits

  • Send relevant data to both Mapp Engage and Intelligence.
  • Have all existing contacts and products transferred to Mapp Engage and use the data in your marketing campaigns.
  • Capture contact details from new contact signups automatically both in Shopify and Mapp Engage for better engagement. 
  • Capture changes in the contact profile if there are any both in Shopify and Mapp Engage.
  • Send confirmations, transactional messages, and other personalized communication to your Shopify contacts.

How does it work?

  1. Create a new Shopify Integration in Mapp Engage.
  2. Download the Mapp Cloud App in Shopify. For more information on finding apps in Shopify, please see Shopify Documentation .
  3. Set up your integration using the ID and key from Engage in Shopify.

See our Getting Started guide for more information.


This feature is part of our fall update 2022 which went live on November 8th.