In this section, you can manually upload your product catalog and manually search products by product SKU.


Administration > eCommerce > System Transactions / Wishlist / Abandoned Cart / Recommended Product

Import Data

  1. Go to the relevant tab: System Transactions, Wishlist, Abandoned Cart, or Recommended Product.
  2. In the Data tab, click Import Data.
  3. Click Choose File and select the file to import.
  4. Define import settings:

    Setting Details
    File TypeXML or CSV
    SeparatorEnter the separator. A comma is added here by default.
    Import Mode

    Available modes:

    • Add
    • Update and Add
    • Replace
    Error Mode

    Available modes:

    • Skip Value
    • Skip Row
    EncodingSelect the encoding from the drop-down list
  5. Click Import.

Search by Key Prefix

  1. Enter the product Key Prefix and click Search.
  2. The results show the name and price of the product and the total number of this product in stock.

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