To make a selection mandatory in every sendout in a group.

During sendout, Mapp Engage checks whether a selection is in place. If not, sendout is blocked and you receive an error message.

This applies to both group sendouts and split sendouts. It does not apply to group sendouts initiated with an automation.

Background Information​

Mapp Engage allows various ways to prepare sendout to groups.

You can create an unlimited number of groups and manage recipients as members of these groups. Thus, the recipient groups are directly chosen for receiving mail as unique groups in Mapp Engage.

- or -

You can save all recipients in one central group and use selections to create smaller target groups for each sendout. The selections thus form the target groups for sendout. In this case, the central group itself is not the intended recipient. It is necessary to limit the sendout using selections. It is possible to create group settings in order to ensure that a selection is always mandatory for sendouts. In other words, no sendout to the central group is possible.


  1. In the ​Main Navigation​ menu, click Audience > Groups​.
  2. Click in the ​Actions​ column to edit an existing group.
  3. Select the ​Sendout Options​ tab.
  4. Expand the ​Mandatory Fields for Sendout​ area.
  5. In the ​Selection​ area, click the ​Yes​ radio button.
  6. Click ​Save​.
    ⇒ The setting is saved.
    For every sendout in this group, use of a selection to limit the target recipient group is mandatory. See Configuration for Sendout​.